Kent Pinkerton

  • Professor, Department of Pediatrics, School of Medicine
  • Professor (In-Residence)
  • Department of Anatomy, Physiology, and Cell Biology, School of Veterinary Medicine
  • Director, Center for Health and the Environment

Research Summary

My research focuses on the health effects of inhaled environmental air pollutants to alter respiratory, cardiovascular and neurological structure and function. Special areas of interest include the interaction of gases and airborne particles to produce cellular and structural changes within site-specific regions and cells of the respiratory tract in both acute and chronic timeframes of exposure. Recent studies have focused on environmental and biological impacts of synthesized nanomaterials as well as the effects of environmental tobacco smoke and combustion particles on lung growth and development. I serve as the Associate Director for the San Joaquin Aerosol Health Effects Research Center (SAHERC) to study airborne particles of the San Joaquin Valley. I also serve as the Associate Director for the Western Center for Agricultural Health and Safety (WCAHS) to study the health effects of airborne particles in an agricultural setting.