Marc Laurenz Fischer

  • Associate Researcher

Research Interests

  • Anthropogenic Greenhouse Gas Emission Assessment - Regional to State level emission measurements and mitigation assessment for AB-32 compliance
  • – Multi-species emission mapping and uncertainty analysis
  • GHG Measurement Systems – Multi-species gas composition and mass-balance emission measurements for fixed site and mobile platforms
  • Regional Atmospheric Transport – Numerical atmospheric weather and atmospheric transport modeling and uncertainty analysis
  • Inverse Estimation – Bayesian inverse model estimation of regional to State level GHG emissions

Research Summary

My research focuses on atmospheric studies of natural and anthropogenic processes affecting radiative balance of the Earth including greenhouse (GHG) gases, land surface properties, and the development of sustainable solutions to energy and environmental problems. Major areas of work are measurements and modeling to quantify the varied sources of California's GHG emissions and identification and verification of GHG emission mitigation efforts. Additional areas of work include measurement of the global GHG budget, and evaluation of the cooling benefits of green and reflective surfaces for mitigation of urban heat-islands.