Job Opening: Postdoctoral Researcher

Regional Deposition of Tobacco Smoke in the Lung

Description: The toxicity of tobacco smoke depends on the local dose of the smoke in the lung, yet mapping of the regional and local deposition are not available. Mathematical modeling techniques such as the Multi-Path Particle Dosimetry (MPPD) model can predicted the distribution of deposition, but these predictions have not been validated due to lack of experimental data. New novel approaches have been developed that allow our research team to address this problem.  We seek a post-doctoral fellow to work on a project that will map smoke deposition in the lungs of the rat. This will involve exposing rats to smoke from a range of tobacco products, fixing the lungs, and using a range of optical and chemical methods to map the deposition of the smoke in the lungs. The post-doctoral fellow will be assisted by a technician and engineer with experience in creating tobacco smoke, exposing animals to the smoke and analyzing deposition in lung tissues.

The ideal candidates will have experience with imaging and chemical analysis of biological tissues. Expertise in pulmonary anatomy and cell biology desired. Experience with laboratory animals, mathematical models, and custom-designed analytical tools is also desired.  Individuals with backgrounds in chemistry, imaging, engineering and/or toxicology, especially with the desired prior experience, are encouraged to apply.

The post-doctoral fellow will report to Professor Anthony Wexler, Director of the Air Quality Research Center at UC Davis, and will be mentored by Dr. Wexler and Dr. Laura Van Winkle, Professor in the School of Veterinary Medicine.

Start Date: October 2019 or later

Length of Appointment: up to 3 years


Anthony Wexler,

Laura Van Winkle,

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