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Job Opening: Spectroscopist

SPECTROSCOPIST (Spectroscopist)

University of California, Davis

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Department Description

The UC Davis Air Quality Research Center (AQRC) is a growing interdisciplinary Organized Research Unit (ORU). Its mission is to facilitate research on the scientific, engineering, health, social, and economic aspects of gaseous and particulate atmospheric pollutants.

The IMPROVE Program at the Air Quality Research Center (AQRC) is seeking a Field Researcher for the field maintenance group. This position requires a range of mechanical and basic electronic skills. The IMPROVE Program measures air quality at approximately 175 sites throughout the United States. The IMPROVE field maintenance team is responsible for maintaining aerosol samplers, and providing technical support to local equipment operators throughout the US.

Job Summary

Under general supervision of the Laboratory Manager, conduct Thermal Optical analysis, Fourier Transform Infrared Analysis and Light Absorption measurements for two nationwide air quality monitoring networks (approximately 35,000 samples/year). Routine responsibilities include maintaining instruments, performing quality control tests, ensuring analysis schedules meet contractual requirements, reviewing routine analysis data, updating standard operating procedures, training new laboratory technicians, maintaining equipment log books, reviewing quality control data, performing data validation, and serve as the laboratory safety officer.

Responsible for analyzing data for trends in both the atmosphere and the measurements, developing calibration reference materials, and creating graphics for reports and publications.  


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