2015 Aviation Noise and Air Quality

Event Date

Palm Springs

Recent advances in technology and best practices for airports requires a diverse set of skills and an extensive knowledge base.  The NextGen launch, changes to noise remediation practices, and the latest findings from health effects studies require new approaches.   

The 30th annual University of California Aviation Noise and Air Quality Symposium will bring together the brightest leaders and pioneers of aviation to provide implementable takeaways and an essential understanding of  how a rapidly changing industry will impact aircraft operations, community outreach, government policy, funding , and the environment.

See a Tools & Showcase Demo on Tuesday. On Wednesday, get up-to-speed with an essential primer of best  practices for airport noise officers and immerse yourself in cutting-edge sessions on UAVs, sustainability and climate change.

Come join us in a beautiful sunny desert locale the first week of March to network with those transforming the role of aviation in the 21st century.

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