2015 International Aerosol Modeling Algorithms Conference

Event Date

UC Davis Conference Center
The UC Davis Air Quality Research Center - with support from the California Air Resources Board - is pleased to announce the 2015 IAMA Conference. Our 5th Biennial conference offers a unique opportunity to explore the latest research in aerosol modeling. This years theme of "branching out" is symbolized with a cherry blossom branching out into new territory. The cherry blossom is also a symbol of brevity - an aspect of the continually changing make-up of atmospheric processes which challenges the researcher hoping to better understand it. And like the short-lived but wondrous cherry blossom - our conference too is ephemeral - bringing together the best minds in the atmospheric sciences to share insights and camaraderie to replenish the research enterprise.
From the dynamic actions of aerosols in new particle formation - to multiphase processes and the interactions of heat, water, ice, black carbon and organic particles - the atmosphere offers a constantly changing soup of chemicals and processes that influence weather and climate while creating the potential for air pollution. Atmospheric scientists from around the globe will gather in Davis in December to discuss the latest modeling of our atmosphere and what new discoveries can allow us to improve the way we capture these processes to help us to develop better policy and mitigation plans to insure a healthy environment on a rapidly changing planet.

This year we will explore model development with sessions on:
  • Aerosol Dynamics and New Particle Formation
  • Aerosol Thermodynamics and Phase State
  • Organics and Multiphase Processes
  • Radiative Properties and Black Carbon
  • Interactions of Atmospheric Aerosols with Water and Ice
  • Subgrid Scale Processes and Emissions
  • Large-Scale Climate and AQ Impacts
  • PM Modeling to Inform Regulatory Assessments and Decision-Making

The IAMA conference provides    

  * a unique opportunity for scientists to build collaborative relationships 
  * a better in-depth understanding of the state-of-the-science which informs policy decisions 
  * a key venue to see how emerging science can lead to better protocols to protect our environment

The conference is being held the week prior to the AGU Meeting in San Francisco. Davis is less than 75 miles from downtown San Francisco and easily accessible by car or Amtrak train service. 

Link to the 2013 IAMA Conference website