2018 Atmospheric Chemical Mechanisms Conference

Image: poster for Atmospheric Chemical Mechanisms Conference, featuring a molecule against a yellow background.

Event Date

UC Davis Conference Center

The AQRC has a mission to aid in the sharing of research and information related to air quality and the Atmospheric Chemical Mechanisms Conference aim is just that! We have brought together the top scientists from around the globe to share their research findings and discuss new approaches and methods to improve on our ever-developing understanding of how the chemical constituents of our atmosphere, impact the earth's climate and the air upon which all life depends.

Session Topics

RO2 Radical Chemistry

Henrik Kjaergaard,  University of Copenhagen & Lisa Whalley, National Center for Atmospheric Science, University of Leeds

Atmospheric Oxidation

Sasha Madronich, National Center for Atmospheric Research & John Wenger, Center for Research into Atmospheric Chemistry, University of College Cork

Mechanism/SAR Development

Alex Archibald, University of Cambridge & Marie Camredon, LISA - CNRS/UPEC/UPD, France

New Instruments and Algorithms

Thomas Mentel, Jülich's Institute of Energy and Climate Research – Troposphere & Tran Nguyen, UC Davis

Applications and Implications

Ajith Kaduwela, California Air Resources Board & Deborah Luecken, US EPA


Take a look at the presentations from the 2018 event.