2019 Refinery And Chemical Industry Emissions Symposium

Image: a logo with a green globe and blacked out smoke plume with text, "RACIE Symposium 2019".

Event Date

UC Davis Conference Center

Refineries and chemical industry facilities store and use large quantities of chemicals. Some of these chemicals pose health risks since they may be toxic, become toxic due to reactions in the atmosphere, or pose a fire or explosion hazard. In response to recent episodic releases and fires from such facilities, the state of California has requested that the Air Quality Research Center at UC Davis convene a conference on this subject to exchange information on the state of science and policy related to these risks and appropriate responses. The conference will cover:

  1. Modeling episodic and ongoing emissions from these facilities
  2. Measuring these emissions
  3. Using these models and measurements for appropriate emergency response



An educational symposium on the use of modeling for emergency preparedness and response for California refineries.  The scope of the symposium would include:

  • Modeling for both emergency and routine operations;

  • Improvements and enhancements of air modeling, air monitoring, and coordination during significant releases from refineries; and,

  • Harmonization of modeling and emergency air monitoring with recent state initiatives that require enhanced routine air monitoring at and near these facilities.


Participants: Governmental agencies, academics, community groups, industry representatives, and consultants.

Conference Chair: David Allen, University of Texas


Visit the website to review presentations from 2018: https://racie.aqrc.ucdavis.edu/