2020 Atmospheric Chemical Mechanisms Conference

ACM 2020

Event Date


This year's ACM Conference was originally scheduled for December 2-4, 2020. However, due to COVID-19 and the uncertainty of the safety of bringing people together for a conference, it was held virtually over 2.5 weeks in November and was a resounding success! We were honored to host 59 Principal Presentations and 22 Lightning Presentations for our 237 attendees.

Thank you to the California Air Resources Board for their continued support of this conference and the research content!


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2020 Session Topics

New Tools for 21st century air quality problems (algorithms, low-cost sensors, links from data to models, theoretical chemistry, chamber work)

Session Chairs: Annele VirtanenUniversity of Eastern Finland & John WengerUniversity of College Cork

Indoor chemistry and emerging anthropogenic pollutants

Session ChairsBrian McDonaldNOAA Havala PyeUS EPA

COVID and other extreme events

Session ChairsWill PorterUniversity of California, Riverside,  Alex ArchibaldUniversity of Cambridge, & Annele VirtanenUniversity of Eastern Finland

Wildfire chemistry

Session ChairsAlex ArchibaldUniversity of Cambridge & John WengerUniversity of College Cork

Fundamental oxidation chemistry

Session ChairsBill Carter, University of California, Riverside

Current and new atmospheric chemical mechanisms

Session ChairsAndrew RickardYork University & Bill StockwellUniversity of Texas at El Paso

Atmospheric Chemistry in Public Health and Regulatory Applications

Session ChairsMelissa VenecekCalifornia Air Resources Board & Jim KellyUS EPA



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