Wildfire Resilient Structures Conference


Wildfire Resilient Structures (WiReS) Conference

Date: Winter 2022/2023

Location: TBD


The Wildfire Resistant Structures (WiReS) conference addresses the WUI fire risk problems inherent to the built environment to support resilient and equitable communities.  With a shared goal of implementation through education, the WiReS conference will make local, regional, and state impact through the presentation and promotion of applied science, knowledge, and technology advancements to Decision Makers.


Wildfires are an ever-present and increasing threat to the well-being of the world population, infrastructure and economy, particularly in the U.S. Western states. Wildfire seasons over the last few years have been the most destructive in history, each year more destructive than the last, and wildfire severity is expected to further increase due to climate change. These issues illustrate the need to improve our built environment and increase the resilience of buildings to wildfires.

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Program Topics

  • Land use planning
  • Design of new buildings
  • Retrofit of existing buildings
  • Defensible space development and maintenance
  • Code and policy development
  • Community recovery
  • Exposure assessment and mitigation

Goals and Objectives

  1. bring together stakeholders, including researchers, architects, engineers, manufacturers, building officials, first responders, building and materials industry representatives, government representatives, tribal representatives, homeowners, insurers, realtors, and lenders to identify the major roadblocks to improving wildfire resilience of our buildings;
  2. propose new short- and long-term solutions based on state-of-the-art technologies, scientific developments, and best practices;
  3. accelerate the technology transfer from research to practice of advanced wildfire risk mitigation techniques for buildings; and
  4. guide future research, technology advances, and policy development toward best serving our communities against the increasing challenges wildfires.

Format and Structure

  • Invited keynote presentations
  • Scientific and policy presentations
  • Workshops
  • Trainings
  • Networking and interdisciplinary collaboration opportunities
  • Trade Show

If you would like to join the mailing list for this conference and hear about activities as they develop, please join our mailing list here. If you have any questions, please email Olivia Schlanger, Conference Coordinator at the UC Davis Air Quality Research Center.

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