2013 Transversing New Terrain In Meteorological Modeling, Air Quality and Dispersion

Event Date

UC Davis Conference Center

The Air Quality Research Center at UC Davis is pleased to announce a new biennial 

conference supported by the California Air Resources Board. This conference will interest 

those involved in a wide array of research areas that utilize meteorological and climatological data. 

The primary focus will be on the modeling and prediction of regional climate and air quality - with a 

special emphasis on understanding what is “under the hood” - in the models and how to improve them. 

Sessions will cover:  

  • Meteorology Model Performance Issues
  • Complex Terrain and Topography
  • Numerical Methods
  • Cloud and Radiation Processes
  • Integrated Modeling 
  • Climate Downscaling
  • BL Parameterizations and Grey-Zone Turbulence
  • Land-Surface Processes and Inverse Modeling
  • Atmospheric Transport and Dispersion Modeling 
  • Wildfire and Prescribed Burn Meteorology