Graduate Courses

Graduate Courses Related to Air Quality Research

Atmospheric Science

ATM 223: Advanced Boundary Layer Meteorology

ATM 231: Advanced Air Pollution Meteorology

ATM 233: Advanced Biometeorology

ATM 255: Numerical Modeling of the Atmosphere

ATM 260: Atmospheric Chemistry

Civil and Environmental Engineering

ECI 241: Air Quality Modeling

ECI 242: Air Quality

ECI 247: Aerosols

ECI 247L: Aerosols Laboratory

ECI 251: Transportation Demand Analysis

ECI 269: Transportation Air Quality: Theory and Practice


ECL 211: Advanced Topics in Cultural Ecology

ECL 212A: Environmental Policy Process

ECL 212B: Environmental Policy Evaluation

Environmental Science and Policy

ESP 212A: Environmental Policy Process

ESP 212B: Environmental Policy Evaluation

ESP 252: Sustainable Transportation Technology and Policy

ESP 275: Economic Analysis of Resource and Environmental Policies

ESP 278: Research Methods in Environmental Policy

Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering

MAE 210A: Advanced Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer

MAE 210B: Advanced Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer

VM Molecular Biosciences/Pharmacology-Toxicology

VMB/PTX 254: Respiratory Toxicology