Ajith Kaduwela

Position Title
Associate - Agricultural Experiment Station

  • Land, Air and Water Resources

Research Interest

  • Urban and Regional Smog - Mathematical modeling of ozone and particulate matter in the urban and regional scales
  • Visibility Degradation - Visibility degradation, its cause, and remediation
  • Global Climate Change - Effects of global climate change on future air quality

Research Summary

My research focuses on the regulatory applications of photochemical air quality and prognostic meteorology models. My specific interests include gaseous, aqueous, and solid phase chemical mechanisms for atmospheric modeling; field measurements to support photochemical ozone and particulate-matter modeling; numerical simulations of ozone, particulate matter, and their precursors in regional-scale domains; evaluation of the performance of models used for regulatory applications and quantification of their sensitivities and uncertainties; regional visibility degradation, its cause, and remediation; low-cost high-performance alternatives to main-frame computers and supercomputers.

Teaching Summary

I have taught an upper-division undergraduate course in atmospheric chemistry/physics (ERS 131, Air as a Resource) and I am the lead instructor for the AAH Capstone Course (ATM280A&B, Air Quality Policy) together with Professors Cort Anastasio and Anthony Wexler.