Ian Faloona

Position Title
Assistant Professor/Micrometeorologist

  • Land, Air and Water Resources, Atmospheric Science

Research Interests

  • Transportation - Coastal ship traffic emissions.
  • Urban and Regional Smog - Coastal air quality measurements. Hydrocarbon oxidation in the Central Valley and Sierra foothills.
  • Agricultural Emissions - Forest air quality studies: oxidation of biogenic hydrocarbon emissions.
  • Global Climate Change - Global sulfur oxidation studies. Coastal marine carbon cycling. Trace gas air-sea exchange from eastern ocean basin upwelling systems (including dimethyl sulfide, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide.)

Research Summary

My research involves analytical chemistry techniques (from laser spectroscopy to gas chromatography) applied to atmospheric chemistry and dispersion. Particular interests include maritime atmospheric processing of sulfur gases, photochemical oxidation of biogenic hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide fluxes, and the mixing of chemical constituents by turbulent entrainment into the boundary layer. My group is especially focused on the dynamics and chemistry of the coupled boundary layers of the coastal ocean and atmosphere off the coast of Northern California.

Teaching Summary

I teach a variety of topics in atmospheric science including thermodynamics (ATM120), chemistry (ATM160), instrumentation (ATM124), and boundary-layer meteorology (atmospheric turbulence) ATM158.