Michael Kleeman

Position Title


Research Interest

  • Health Effects - Characterization and source apportionment of airborne particles in fine and ultrafine size fractions.
  • Transportation - Measurement of particle size and composition in tailpipe emissions.
  • Urban and Regional Smog - Source-oriented airshed modeling for California and the eastern U.S.
  • Visibility Degradation - Source contributions to visibility reduction in California.
  • Agricultural Emissions - Ozone formation potential of agricultural emissions sources including dairy cows.
  • Global Climate Change - Impact of climate change on air pollution including feedbacks on local meteorology.

Research Summary

My research focuses on the study of urban and regional air quality problems with an emphasis on the size and composition of atmospheric particles and gas-to-particle conversion processes. I make particle size and composition measurements directly at sources and in the environment. I construct air quality models to identify the most important atmospheric processes, and to better track source contributions to ambient particulate matter. My current goals are to better understand climate effects on air quality and air quality effects on human health.

Teaching Summary

I teach undergraduate classes in C Programming For Engineers (ECI19), Parallel Programming for Engineers (ECI119), Air Pollution Control Systems Design (ECI150), Air Quality Modeling (ECI241), Aerosol Mechanics (ECI247), and Air Quality Measurements (ECI247L).