Robert H. Rice

Photo of Robert H. Rice

Position Title

  • ETX

Research Interest

  • Health Effects - Perturbation of growth properties and differentiation of epidermal and related cells in culture by toxic agents.

Research Summary

My research focuses on perturbation of growth properties and differentiation in cultured keratinocytes and related cell types from human and rat. Model agents studied include arsenic, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, dioxin, heterocyclic amines, tumor promoters. Interactions with physiological factors (insulin, retinoic acid, hydrocortisone) also of interest. Effects of oxidative stress and signaling pathways, as well as applications to assessing biological activities of air pollutants, are also of special interest.

Teaching Summary

I teach Biological effects of toxic agents (ETX 103A), Molecular Techniques (ETX 278), Toxic Tragedies (ETX 110), Introduction to Forensic Science (ETX 20)