Simon Clegg

photo of Simon Clegg

Position Title

  • Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering

Research Interests 

  • Urban and Regional Smog - Modelling the chemical thermodynamics of gas/aerosol partitioning in systems containing both inorganic and organic compounds. Experimental investigations of single particle properties.
  • Global Climate Change - Aerosol water content, aerosol/cloud interactions.
  • Chemical Thermodynamics of Aqueous Solutions - fundamental properties of solutions (activities, and thermal and volumetric properties), and the use of models based upon such data to calculate chemical speciation and phase equilibrium.
  • Chemical Speciation in Natural Waters - the use of models to calculate important equilibria in seawater and other natural waters, such as that of the marine carbonate system (ocean acidification) and for the cycling of trace nutrients.

Research Summary

Chemical thermodynamics of aqueous solutions; activity coefficient models and their application to problems in gas/aerosol partitioning in the atmosphere and air quality, brine chemistry, and solubility phenomena; predictive methods for physical properties of pure compounds (such as vapour pressures), and aqueous solutions; measurements of the properties of single aerosol particles using electrodynamic balances; the E-AIM online aerosl thermodynamic models. My current focus is on speciation in seawater, and I am Vice Chair of SCOR Working Group 145 "Chemical Speciation Modelling in Seawater to Meet 21st Century Needs".