Yongjing Zhao

Image: photo of Yongjing Zhao outside Alaska Airlines terminal.

Position Title
Project Scientist

  • Air Quality Research Center
AQRC, UC Davis, 1560 Drew Ave., Davis CA 95618

Research Interests

  • Urban and Regional Smog - Measurements of air pollution in mega-cities. Instrumentation for particle measurements.
  • Agricultural Emissions - Emissions from animals and waste.
  • Global Climate Change - Green houses gases. Stratospheric ozone changes. New particle formation.

Research Summary

I am interested in all experimental air quality research including measurements of gases and particles in the atmosphere, developments of new monitoring instruments and control systems, and analyzes of experimental data. Based on the observational results, understanding the progress of formation, emission, and transport of various pollutants and their effects on climate, environment, and human health are also my research interests. I love both science and engineering and do my research as a scientific engineer or an engineering scientist.