job announcement

Job Opening: SRA 1

November 07, 2019

SRA 1 - Laboratory Quality Assurance Officer

Description: Under supervision of the Data & Reporting Manager, process, validate, and quality control particulate matter measurement data. Responsibilities include, (1) handling and validation of large datasets using custom software, relational database, and programming tools, (2) communication with internal and external laboratories, and (3) development and generation of reports to summarize data.

Job Opening: Lab Assistant I

October 08, 2019
Lab Assistant I

Description: Under supervision of the Laboratory Group Manager, perform routine operations in the Quartz Carbon Laboratory including all aspects of receiving, inventorying, archiving and preparing quartz filters for analysis. Continuously load and unload samples for five carbon analyzers, conduct measurements, process data to verify measurements, and maintain instrument logbooks and records. Communicate with student assistants and other staff working in the Air Quality Research Center.

Job Opening: Assistant Project Scientists

September 24, 2019

Assistant Project Scientist - Carbonaceous Aerosols

Description: an Assistant Project Scientist position to develop calibration standards as well as develop laboratory quality assurance/control procedures, plus evaluate measurement error, uncertainties, and long-term trends of ambient particulate matter through two national monitoring networks (IMPROVE, CSN).

Job Opening: Postdoctoral Researcher

July 15, 2019
Regional Deposition of Tobacco Smoke in the Lung

Description: The toxicity of tobacco smoke depends on the local dose of the smoke in the lung, yet mapping of the regional and local deposition are not available. Mathematical modeling techniques such as the Multi-Path Particle Dosimetry (MPPD) model can predicted the distribution of deposition, but these predictions have not been validated due to lack of experimental data.