X-ray fluorescence (XRF) measurement and calibration

Contact— Krystyna Trzepla (530-752-4232), Nicole Hyslop (530-754-8979) or Ann Dillner (530-752-0509)
Image: lab set up of aerosol generation and mixing for XRF standards.
This aerosol generation and sampling system developed at AQRC can produce standard reference materials for improved XRF calibration. Credit: AQRC Lab staff

The Air Quality Research Center (AQRC) has developed an aerosol generation and sampling system that provides the capability to produce standard reference materials for improved XRF calibration. We have demonstrated this capability by successful calibrations of various XRF systems for sulfur, sodium and chloride and have extended this capability to other elements including lead standards to support health effects studies. Analytical interferences observed in XRF analysis of particulate matter samples have also been quantified using the aerosol generation and sampling system.

More information on XRF reference materials can be found on AQRC's Analytical Services website

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