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Atmospheric Rivers and El Niño Experts

A “super El Niño” is predicted for this winter. What is El Niño, how might it impact local areas, and how does it relate to atmospheric rivers and climate change? The following UC Davis experts, listed alphabetically, are available to discuss with reporters these and other related questions.

New study questions the idea that the solution to pollution is dilution

A recent article by EOS writer Jackie Rocheleau highlights a growing concern about wildfire smoke and other pollutants that continue to exist in a diluted quantity within our atmosphere. With wildfires growing in size and quantity due to climate change, the original idea that simply waiting for the pollutants to disperse would be enough to protect human health, is coming into question. 

Postdoctoral scholar position

Postdoctoral scholar position:  Hygroscopicity and CCN potential of organic functional groups in ambient aerosol, University of California, Davis

The Air Quality Research Center (AQRC) at the University of California, Davis is seeking a postdoctoral scholar to perform laboratory research to investigate the hygroscopicity and CCN potential of organic functional groups in aerosol. The post-doctoral fellow will be mentored by Drs. Ann M. Dillner and Anthony Wexler.

Nationwide Speciated Particulate Monitoring – IMPROVE and CSN at UC Davis


The Air Quality Monitoring Team (AQMT) at UC Davis has operated the Interagency Monitoring of Protected Visual Environments (IMPROVE) ambient speciated particulate monitoring network since its inception in 1988. Beginning in 2015, AQMT took on the laboratory analysis and data handling for the Chemical Speciation Network (CSN). These two networks encompass over 300 sites delivering over 60 PM2.5 species across the country every third day.

AQRC Researcher, Steve Cliff, nominated to be NHTSA by Joe Biden

The Air Quality Research Center couldn't be happier to support Steve Cliff in his journey to be the newest administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). As a former researcher within the center, he has been an advocate for reducing emissions through decreased vehicular traffic and increased active transportation. After working at the AQRC, he continued on to hold positions at the California Air Resources Administration and the California Department of Transportation. 

The magazine Cycling California writes: