Understanding the health risks from the smoke and ash of Butte County's Camp Fire

August 12, 2019

In Paradise, many families are still combing through the wreckage of the 2018 Camp Fire that burned over 150,000 acres. Camille Von Kaenel of the Chico Enterprise-Record in her article "Residents still trying to understand Camp Fire contamination at standing homes" writes,

Parents Fear Kids at Risk From Dangerous Dust at Silicon Valley School

July 18, 2019

A new school next to a concrete plant in Silicon Valley poses a serious health risk to the children and adults there. 

The National Institutes of Health and several other federal agencies, including OSHA, CDC and the EPA have reported on the health hazards of dust from concrete manufacturing facilities. Ultra-fine particles in the dust can lodge into the lungs, ultimately traveling to the heart. As a result, exposure can cause respiratory problems and even lead to cardiac arrest.

In Memoriam: Thomas Cahill, professor emeritus of physics and atmospheric sciences

May 02, 2019

"Thomas Cahill, professor emeritus of physics and atmospheric sciences, died from complications of cancer on April 30, 2019, in Davis. He was 82.

"During his five decades in research, Cahill delighted in applying his physics expertise to problems in the public sphere, especially those in environmental science. He engaged in battles to save Mono Lake, remove lead from gasoline, protect air quality in national parks, and safeguard first responders following the 2001 World Trade Center disaster."

Weaknesses in Benicia's Air Monitoring System discovered after Valero's march Pollution Release

April 11, 2019

In March, Valero's Benicial refinery spit out pollution which caused city officials to warn residents to stay indoors. The Bay Area Air Quality Monitoring District sent a van to monitor the situation because currently there is no stationary air quality monitoring device in the residential areas despite the fact that it's home to one of the largest refineries in California. 

As explained in the article "Valer's March Pollution Release Exposes Weaknesses in Benicia's Air Monitoring System" by Ted Goldberg: 

KQED: Valero's Benicia Refinery Now Target of Several Probes Into Pollution Releases

March 26, 2019

An article by Ted Goldberg of KQED News has looked into the release of a large unexpected plume of petroleum coke dust by Valero's Benicia refinery. The release had local fire officials encouraging people with respiratory problems to avoid activity outdoors. 

A partial shutdown of the facility resulted from this incident. This is considered the worst breakdown since a 2017 power outage.

AQRC Spring Social

April 19, 2018
AQRC Members Playing Frisbee

As Davis rolls into spring we all start to get a little restless working inside at the Air Quality Research Center while staring out windows to the beautiful weather developing. So what better way to come out of hibernation and stretch the legs than to chase a Frisbee and chat with colleagues?

Welcome to the new Air Quality Research Center website!

March 05, 2018

We heard your concerns and are re-joining the 21st century with a working specialty website! Our team is excited to share all our research progress and opportunities with you. This new website will provide you with easy access to all the content related to our CSN and IMPROVE Networks as well as the Analytical Services we can provide. Additionally, we will keep you updated with all our upcoming events, activities and headlines related to Air Quality Research! Join our mailing list to get our yearly updates.