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How much of a problem is the CO2 emitted by CA Wildfires?

December 07, 2020

Over 111 million metric tons of CO2 were emitted by wildfires in California for the 2020 year. The transportation sector is the only area to have emitted more carbon dioxide at over 169 million metric tons. While from the outset, that looks pretty bad, you may still wonder, "In actuality, how bad is the wildfire smoke for Climate Change?"

In an interview with the SF Chronical, AQRC Director, Tony Wexler, stated that the wildfire carbon emissions are of almost no concern for him in relation to climate change.

Inexpensive Air Quality Sensors here for our Climate Catastrophe

September 16, 2020
As our atmosphere rapidly accepts pollutants and the planet rises in temperature, small air quality sensors are becoming more affordable and widely used.

Low-cost air quality sensors are becoming more accurate and affordable to the general public month by month. There is a grand amount of research occurring in the field so air quality sensors. Government, private industry, non-profits and community scientists are all concerned about the air pollution around the world.

Frontiers in Atmospheric Chemistry Seminar Series

August 19, 2020

UC Davis professor Dr. Christopher Cappa with several inter-campus colleagues has developed a new virtual series on the Frontiers in Atmospheric Chemistry. They have recruited a mix of junior and senior faculty members from across North America to  present on research results pertaining to atmospheric chemistry. The sessions will take place every Friday through the Fall semester over Zoom at 10am PT starting on September 11th.

Air Pollution and Brain Health

April 10, 2020

What is Air Pollution? What is the evidence linking air pollution to adverse effects on the brain? How does air pollution alter brain development and brain function? These are just a few of the questions answered in the publication "Air Pollution and Brain Health" by Professor of Neurotoxicology Dr. Pamela Lein and Distinguished Professor Dr. Anthony Wexler of UC Davis.

How would the air quality change if electric cars were the norm?

March 31, 2020

With the coronavirus spreading and stay-at-home orders becoming more prevalent we are seeing a drop in emissions resulting in better air quality. People around the US and the World are reporting being able to see further across cities and to hills or mountains. 

Coronavirus pandemic leading to huge drop in air pollution

March 25, 2020

COVID-19 was declared a pandemic earlier this month causing industries across the world to shutdown and workers to stay home to avoid further contamination and spreading of the virus. This emergency shutdown has lead to lower air pollution levels around the world. 

Experts are saying that this societal shutdown is creating one of the largest experiments in industrial emission reduction. NO2 levels over cities and industrial areas have decreased significantly in comparison to this same time in 2019. 

University of Leicester air pollution professor, Paul Monks, stated 

History of the Crocker Nuclear Laboratory

March 05, 2020

Air Quality Research Center Aerosol Scientist, Nicholas Spada, shares how the Center has used the Crocker Nuclear Laboratory over the years and what benefits it has been providing to society. Take a listen below.