California Wildfire Smoke affects the East Coast

Image: map of California wildfire smoke traveling across the nation from the west to the east.
Map of California wildfire smoke traveling across the nation

While the smoke from the California wildfires have been forcing Californians to stay indoors or cover up, the rest of the country wasn’t visibly affected initially. However smoke plumes can now be seen all the way across to the East Coast. NBC New York’s article California Wildfires Smoke reaches NYC shared Meteorologist Gary Szatkowski’s map showing the progression of the smoke across the United States.


In Dallas New’s article, Smoke from California wildfires could carry across country to Dallas, Lamont Bain, a meteorologist for the National Weather Service, said that “the National Weather Service doesn’t think the forecast is any cause for concern.”


This shows that while the California Wildfires have the most drastic effect on those close by, it is a national issue that needs national attention.


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