California Wildfire Smoke

Image: outdoor air filled with smoke. Air Quality Research Center photo
Smoke from Camp Wildfire as seen at burned residence in Chico CA

National Public Radio shares an update on the California Wildfires and how the smoke is affecting people far and wide.  "This is a whole new game" said Dr. Tony Wexler.  Raquel Maria Dillon of KQED said Dr. Wexler emphasized that people exposed to heavy smoke over days, weeks, and even months could have adverse health implications, which is a concrete effect of climate change. 

It is highly recommended for those in affected zones to stay indoors and limit activity. The N95 masks are suggested for those who do need to be outdoors traveling, however caution is advised when using them. For up to date information on the air quality in your area visit

Listen to the full newscast on NPR's All Things Considered below

Smoke from California Wildfires Affecting Millions of People Far From Fire Zones