Air Pollution

California Wildfires: The New Normal

December 13, 2018

In the pilot episode of ABC10’s new series, The New Normal, California’s leaders tell us we’ve entered a “new normal” of more intense wildfires. ABC10 explores the recent California wildfires, what experts are doing to prevent deadly mega-fires, and the struggles between letting fires burn and air pollution.

Anthony Wexler shows ABC10 the mobile air monitoring stations used to measure wildfire smoke and how the pollution is a big obstacle to the burning plan.

Watch the entire episode this Friday at 11pm on ABC10 or on YouTube below

California Wildfire Smoke

November 14, 2018

National Public Radio shares an update on the California Wildfires and how the smoke is affecting people far and wide.  "This is a whole new game" said Dr. Tony Wexler.  Raquel Maria Dillon of KQED said Dr. Wexler emphasized that people exposed to heavy smoke over days, weeks, and even months could have adverse health implications, which is a concrete effect of climate change.