Frontiers in Atmospheric Chemistry Seminar Series

UC Davis professor Dr. Christopher Cappa with several inter-campus colleagues has developed a new virtual series on the Frontiers in Atmospheric Chemistry. They have recruited a mix of junior and senior faculty members from across North America to  present on research results pertaining to atmospheric chemistry. The sessions will take place every Friday through the Fall semester over Zoom at 10am PT starting on September 11th. Class credits are available to students who participate from designated universities. You can learn more about that and sign up for their email list on the official website MIT website:  

Frontiers in Atmospheric Chemistry

The current series schedule is below, but detailed and updated information can be found on their website. 


Date Speaker Paper
September 11 Drew Shindell TBD
September 18 Sarah Styler TBD
September 25 Lee Murray TBD
October 2 Cesunica Ivey TBD
October 9 Natalie Mahowald TBD
October 16 Jeff Geddes TBD
October 23 Gabriel Isaacman-VanWertz TBD
October 30 Vernon Morris TBD
November 6 Sonia Kreidenweis TBD
November 13 Sally Pusede TBD
November 20 Paul Wennberg TBD
December 4 Ellie Browne TBD