Peter G. Green

photo of Peter G. Green

Position Title
Associate Research Engineer, Associate Director

  • Civil & Environmental Engineering

Research Interests

  • Health Effects - Children’s Environmental Health, exposure to heavy metals, especially Hg and Pb.a
  • Transportation - Elemental composition of fuels, lubricants and aerosols. Organic composition of compounds in exhaust
  • Urban and Regional Smog - Sources of ozone pre-cursors and reactivity of emissions
  • Agricultural Emissions - Sources of ozone pre-cursors and reactivity of emissionsa

Research Summary

I work on a wide variety of projects addressing questions of chemical composition and chemical change in the environment – ranging throughout areas of air quality, and continuing to water quality and broader ecological issues as well.

Teaching Summary

I teach a Frosh Seminar, provide guest lectures for various undergraduate and graduate classes, and lead a 2-week graduate laboratory in aerosol analysis (ECI247L)