Job Opening: SRA 1

November 07, 2019

SRA 1 - Laboratory Quality Assurance Officer

Description: Under supervision of the Data & Reporting Manager, process, validate, and quality control particulate matter measurement data. Responsibilities include, (1) handling and validation of large datasets using custom software, relational database, and programming tools, (2) communication with internal and external laboratories, and (3) development and generation of reports to summarize data.

PM 2.5 increased by 5.5% in 2 years across the country after a 7 year decrease of 25%

October 28, 2019

The New York Times writer, Nadja Popovich, reports that after nearly a decade of improving the air quality nationally, the US EPA's data shows that PM 2.5 has increased in the past two years. This 180 turn of progress has been identified as likely primarily coming from increases in driving and the burning of natural gas. However, in the West, wildfires has been a large cause of the increase as well. Researchers suggest that due to a decrease of enforcement of the Clean Air Act, less businesses are concerned with their pollution. 

Fast-Moving Wildfires Cause Concern

October 28, 2019

Californians are on high-alert due to fast moving winds and wildfires. The recent wind has caused several Californian fires to spread quickly leading to evacuations. PG&E has been cutting power in various locations to prevent possible fires due to these high winds. With various subsidies and insurance coverages, home builders do not worry about possible climate change issues related to where they are building.

Letters respond to Tad Friend’s piece about Impossible Foods

October 23, 2019
Sacred Cows

Tad Friend, in his piece on Impossible Foods, a startup that makes imitation meat in the hope of solving climate change, writes, “Every four pounds of beef you eat contributes to as much global warming as flying from New York to London” (“Value Meal,” September 30th). As a professor who studies the environmental impact of livestock production, I was surprised that Friend relied on such a high per-pound emissions rate for beef, since most estimates are much lower.

Job Opening: Lab Assistant I

October 08, 2019
Lab Assistant I

Description: Under supervision of the Laboratory Group Manager, perform routine operations in the Quartz Carbon Laboratory including all aspects of receiving, inventorying, archiving and preparing quartz filters for analysis. Continuously load and unload samples for five carbon analyzers, conduct measurements, process data to verify measurements, and maintain instrument logbooks and records. Communicate with student assistants and other staff working in the Air Quality Research Center.

UC Davis Researchers Working to Uncover Vaping Dangers

October 01, 2019

DAVIS -- As more reports come out about people being hospitalized with vaping-related illnesses, researchers across the country are trying to get to the bottom of why this is happening.

Inside a lab at the Center for Health and the Environment just off the University of California, Davis campus, work is being done that could save lives. There Professor Kent Pinkerton is leading the effort to find out what is in vaping products that has been making people so sick.

Job Opening: Assistant Project Scientists

September 24, 2019

Assistant Project Scientist - Carbonaceous Aerosols

Description: an Assistant Project Scientist position to develop calibration standards as well as develop laboratory quality assurance/control procedures, plus evaluate measurement error, uncertainties, and long-term trends of ambient particulate matter through two national monitoring networks (IMPROVE, CSN).

Waking Up to Wildfires: Full Feature Now Available

September 19, 2019
In Waking Up to Wildfires, Emmy-winning filmmaker Paige Bierma uses her camera to tell the stories of people most affected by the 2017 North Bay wildfires. We hear from survivors, firefighters, public health officials, community groups – and the scientists who are trying to make sense of it all while people struggle to recover and new fires erupt.

Understanding the health risks from the smoke and ash of Butte County's Camp Fire

August 12, 2019

In Paradise, many families are still combing through the wreckage of the 2018 Camp Fire that burned over 150,000 acres. Camille Von Kaenel of the Chico Enterprise-Record in her article "Residents still trying to understand Camp Fire contamination at standing homes" writes,