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  • Postdoctoral scholar position: Hygroscopicity and CCN potential of organic functional groups in ambient aerosol, University of California, Davis

Postdoctoral scholar position:  Hygroscopicity and CCN potential of organic functional groups in ambient aerosol, University of California, Davis

The Air Quality Research Center (AQRC) at the University of California, Davis is seeking a postdoctoral scholar to perform laboratory research to investigate the hygroscopicity and CCN potential of organic functional groups in aerosol. The post-doctoral fellow will be mentored by Drs. Ann M. Dillner and Anthony Wexler. The importance of organics in hygroscopicity is increasing due to emissions controls of SOx, NOx, and primary particles, leading to an increasing fraction of organics in ambient aerosol.  The chemical form and hygroscopicity of aerosol electrolytes are well known but not so for the organic fraction.  This limits our ability to understand the extent that organics are cloud condensation nuclei (CCN). 

The post-doctoral scholar will investigate hygroscopicity as a function of organic functional group composition in aerosol over a range of complexities of chemical composition, ranging from single compounds to smog chamber studies to ambient field samples.  The data will be used to validate thermodynamic models, developed by Dr. Wexler as part of this project, to predict water content of aerosol based on functional group composition.  The functional groups composition of the samples will be measured by Fourier Transform-Infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR, (Boris et al., amt-14-4355-2021, 2021, Boris et al., amt-2019-144, 2019; Ruthenburg et al., j.atmosenv.2013.12.034, 2014) and the water-uptake of these samples will be determined using a relative humidity controlled chamber (constant humidity solutions compendium published by Dr. Wexler in Lide, D. R. CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics; CRC press, 2004; Vol. 85).  Both the FT-IR and hygroscopicity methods will be enhanced during this project.

The candidate must have a Ph.D. in Atmospheric Science, Chemistry, Chemical or Environmental Engineering or a related field. A background in atmospheric aerosol organic chemistry, hygroscopicity/CCN, and/or FT-IR is preferred. Programming experience in R, Matlab and/or Python is also preferred.  Interested individuals should send a single PDF file containing a cover letter, CV, graduate transcripts, date of availability, contact information of three references, and up to three published papers to Dr. Ann M. Dillner (amdillner at ucdavis dot edu). Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.  The initial appointment is for one year beginning late summer or early fall 2022 and may be extended for an additional two years contingent upon mutual agreement.  The position includes health insurance and other benefits. 

More information on Dr. Dillner’s laboratory, the FT-IR Laboratory in the AQRC at UC Davis, is available at https://aqrc.ucdavis.edu/people/ann-dillner.  

More information on Dr. Wexler’s lab is available at https://faculty.engineering.ucdavis.edu/wexler.

The University of California, Davis, is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer with a strong institutional commitment to the development of a climate that supports equality of opportunity and respect for differences.

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Dr. Dillner - https://aqrc.ucdavis.edu/people/ann-dillner

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